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first mushroom find!

Her and I just got back from a seemingly innocuous walkabout that ended up being quite noteworthy:  our first mushrooms!  After several days with my nose buried in a fantastic book that found itself to my lap, plant spirit healing, by pam Montgomery, we went for our daily walkabout in the woods with some freshly tuned intentions.  anyone who breathes oxygen as a source of life would enjoy reading this book, and I wanted to mention it due to the profound inspiration it has provided me in an incredibly short time.  Despite having walked our woods at least once daily since we moved onto the land, The walk today was a true first. 

It did not take long after leaving the house to find ourselves endlessly deep in wonder and meditation as we started down the trail.  Recognizing that our every inhale was an exhale of the trees that draped and swayed and towered around us, we connected ourselves instantly with the woods through the breath of life. 

Our senses were firing at full alert.  I felt like I was experiencing the woods on such a small scale compared to what i can normally perceive.  Detailed, and small—but comprehensive.  Walking at a usual pace, and with literally no effort of any kind, I was able to experience the woods in a fuller and more vivid presentation than ever before—every detail, on a huge scale, and all at once.  Every leaf, every flutter—every light, every vibration.  Not only could we experience it all, but we experienced it across every sense, and simultaneously in multiple dimensions, and with ourselves as an equal player. 

The moss on the trees was illuminating like some sort of fairy tale.  The woods were serenading us, intoxicating us—making love to us.  we both stopped in our tracks at the sane time.  my next comment was so comically understated it caused me to bust out laughing when I later recalled it.  “so, this is a nice spot.” 

What happened next was nothing short of magical.  Standing on the trail and looking into the open woods we both agreed that we were looking at some sort of cathedral-like space.    The trees on both sides arched up and bent in such ways that the structure was shockingly visible—harder to ignore than anything—I mean, it was a cathedral.  And about a hundred yards away where the altar would need be, there was a rounding-off to the space, a bit of a dome, and an altar of oak trees that were blanketed in the most beautiful moss.

At the center of it was one tree in particular that was literally glowing.  Standing a hundred yards away I did a quick scan of the woods, recognized that yes, almost every tree was glowing with a beautiful light shining through the moss—BUT—also yes, this one tree in particular was glowing like a spotlight.  A totally different color and brightness than everything else around.  “let’s go to it.”

When we arrived we received one of the most exciting gifts the land has given us thus far.  Beautiful, lush, elegant shelves of oyster mushrooms blooming on fallen and standing tan oaks.  The glowing moss, the milky oysters, the decaying leaves—the whole scene was just magic.  Moved beyond words, and grateful for so much, we climbed into a nearby maple tree and meditated on blessings of gratitude for the gifts of the woods.  

author's note:  with zero expierience and a moderate level of confidence we sauteed and enjoyed these mushrooms at eight pm california time, november 18--somebody give us a call in the morning and make sure we survived the meal

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There r so many of them. How awesome. Were they good? R u awake? Please let me know you r both ok?
November 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAunt b

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