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the cloud in me

Standing in a circle of rocks with my feet firmly grounded, my chest rightly upwards and my outspread arms flexing backwards like the hawk overhead.  The cloud drifts towards me and I am inside it.  Making light of the unseen, moisture in the air articulates the energy fields around me.  The field presents itself.  Rumi’s field—the unseen—hiding in plain sight.  Should my vision be so limited as to miss this field simply due to the absence of this one cloud?  Or should my vision expand, to see the world as it truly is?

The apparent standing void between me and that great fir tree vanishes with the swipe of the magi’s wand as the cloud drifts towards me—drifts closer, closer, closer still—and suddenly, I’m inside it.  Enter cloud--enter truth.  I see an interconnected web of electric information fields, swirling and swirling (spiraling?) around me.  I stand afloat in a wide-open sea.  I rise gently upwards as the white frothy wave you call jared--and I recede. 

You can keep your gifts of gold and frankincense dear magi, for it is richness of a different kind that I seek.  Thank you dear cloud, for showing me what could not be seen.  The tree is within me regardless of whether or not the cloud unifies our fields in visible light.  The cloud simply reveals the truth--space is an illusion of the mind.  Each cresting wave is another singular possibility of all the possibilities of the same interconected and wide open sea.      

As author David Icke points out, of the millions of stimuli that my unconscious mind (the sea) receives in a given moment, my conscious mind (the wave) averages those down to a relative handful of pieces of information and calls that synopsis “reality”.  A better description might be simply to call it “your reality” or “his unique perspective on reality”, or perhaps even "your cliffnotes to the experience presently known as reality". 

Energetic information fields (waveforms) from the “outer” experience enter my brain and are interpreted and decoded based on everything I have learned up to this point in my life (learned consciously or unconsciously).  I then, in less than an instant, take the path of least resistance towards editing out those 10 million or so pieces of “extraneous” information until a manageable 40 or so are left behind as “reality”.  It is at this exact location, deep inside the brain, where this “reality”—completely unique to each person—actually lives.  Only inside here.  It turns out that the Native Americans were being quite literal when they spoke of the “fir tree in me” or the “cloud in me”.

understand and Apply this knowledge to anything you like, and you will see the world begin to shift around you--from the inside out.